Safe operation by NIRAL

Our protective greases, your wire ropes of long lifetime


Wire ropes are special and complicated constructional elements which should be impregnated to assure safe operation. During operation wire ropes are exposed to flexing in different directions caused by elementary wires sliding on each other due to internal friction. In case of dry ropes this sliding would cause quick damage due to the abrasive effect. Since wire ropes are generally used under difficult circumstances with special safety prescriptions, in open-air or agressive medium, thus the permanent corrosion protection is of special importance.

The portfolio of wire rope protective materials of Bogdány Petrol Ltd. consists of impregnative products for general and special purpose wire ropes as well. NIRAL® anti-corrosive greases are widely applicable at mining, metallurgy and building industry. Wire rope ways, wire ropes of cranes, lifting equipments and winches are lubricated with Niral® products by either filling the space between wires or covering the outer space while not filling the internal one, however both inner and external greasing can be considered as common application.


Greases for impregnation and protection

Intensive lubrication with NIRAL greases during production of wire cords increases the durability of ropes.


Impregnating with NIRAL® corrosion-protection greases serves mainly the following purposes:
  • reducing friction work of wire ropes and increasing the endurance limit of elementary wires,

  • ensures proper protection of wire ropes against corrosion.

The proper oxidation stability and adequate cold break point assures safe operation.