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Being common and popular for more than a century petroleum jellies are homogenous blends of liquid and solid hydrocarbons. Depending on the degree of refining their colour can be snowwhite, white. Being odourless and tasteless, moreover due to their hydrophobic ability petroleum jellies are widely used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry as base material in ointments or even itself against desiccation of skin. High quality pharmaceutical petroleum jelly is in yellow colour as well.

Bogdány Petrol Ltd. has more than 60 years of experience in the production of petroleum jellies. The products are of high quality and purity petroleum jellies which are absolutely neutral but in the meantime are very smooth and have long fibre, beside the aboves they are not of animal or vegetal origin.

Due to their outstanding hydrating ability petroleum jellies occupy significant place among numerous pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients.



Petroleum Jelly as formulation base

Applying petroleum jelly for your creams and ointments ensures lubricity and gives protective layer to skin against desiccation, even under extreme climate circumstances.



White and Yellow

While cosmetic industry prefers white jellies, pharmaceutical creams and ointments use white and yellow types as well.
The highest qualty petroleum jellies are produced under GMP circumstances upon request.