The production plant of Bogdány Petrol Ltd. is located in Nyírbogdány in Eastern Hungary, 16 kilometers far from nearest city, Nyíregyháza, with excellent logistical capability by the Ukrainian, Romanian and Slovakian border. 
Bogdány Petrol Ltd. possesses tank-park of considerable capacity, own industrial rails, effective production machinery and professional staff of 80 persons. 
Production operates in two shifts. Annual production capacity is near to 100.000 tons. 

Oil industry manufacturing has been running since 1904 at present site with its current area of 42 ha. 
The first mineral oil refinery of Hungary was established here. 

Bogdány Petrol Ltd. was founded on 20th March 2000 and then the management bought out the factory on 12nd December 2001 from the Hungarian Oil & Gas Company who formerly owned and operated the company through its predecessors for decades. Bogdány Petrol Ltd. continued on with producing and trading of properly launched products on the international market as well as further enriched its product portfolio, which is delivered to different market segments, with purchasing of licences, technologies and own developments.

Bogdany Petrol Ltd. exports 85-90% of its production to more than 50 countries but domestic companies are also willingly using our products. The considerable amount of export deals within and outside Europe requires a sole Export Sales Office that operates in Budapest  via online connection to the integrated management system of the plant.