Environmental Safety
Bogdany Petrol Ltd. has own experts and external consultants to manage and fully meet with all European and domestic standards, regulation, directives for environmental protection. 

Energy consumption
Bogdány Petrol Ltd. made a significant development to optimize its energy consumption.
The company replaced the former steam heating system with a heat transfer oil system driven by gas boilers a few years ago.
All storage and  technology tanks are thermal insulated. 
The loss of heat is minimized thanks to the applied energy recyrculation.

Water consumption
The water is not used in the production technology anymore.
Cooling water is used in closed circulation systems.
Water consumption is minimized.
The company has own sewage and draining system with a small water treatment plant.
The water disposal is minimized as well.

Hazardous waste
Bogdany Petrol Ltd. has a state-of-art storage system for hazardous (oily) waste.
Transport and final treatment of oily waste managed by state approved contractors. 

Selective Waste Collection
All packaging materials, paper, plastics, glass, metals –all waste materials are selected.