High-quality insultations and boards facilitated by BOMUL

Our emulsion, your inner impregnation


Emulsions are such colloidal dispersoids where both the dispersible phase and the continous phase are liquid; these are stabilized by emulsifiers. Its state is not defined by the concentration ratio but its contexture. Basic types are water-in-oil, oil-in-water and oil-in-oil emulsions. In order to produce any kind of proper emulsion, massive amount of energy is necessary due to its specific surface.

Our company is selling emulsion under BOMUL® tradename.

Bogdány Petrol is producing oil-in-water and paraffin-in-water types of emulsions. Standard paraffinic types are frequently used by wooden chipboard production as a component in chipboards, in order to control capability of wood chips. In other segment of wood industry it is also used for protecting the layer and butt-edge of wood during processing.

Our oil emulsions are anti-dusting agents for glass/mineral wool.



Paraffin emulsion for various application

BOMUL emulsions are excellent choice for industrial purpose when it comes to wood processing and glass-/rockwool production.





While chipboard/particle board prefers paraffin wax emulsions, oil-based emulsions are used in glass-/rockwool insulations.

There are also types of paraffin emulsions for different wood-processing applications, as well as for paper industry.