Process stability and reduced rework rate with our casting waxes

Speciality solutions for the investment casing industry.


Bogdány Petrol Ltd. has the design and manufacturing ability to offer a range of casting waxes for every need arising in the wax room area. Our state-of-the-art, accredited laboratory, experienced team, together with our vast experience in the wax industry helps us to offer our products with a stable quality, within a short lead time and at a competitive price. Beside our general product range, we can tailor our products to your needs as we know that every foundry and application is different in some way.



Product lines for the investment casting industry

With our casting waxes you are getting more as a simple material. you are getting our deep knowledge about the industrial waxes, so you can concentrate on your main processes.




Plastowax® WS, WS plus series


The Plastowax WS series water soluble wax line was developed for the easy injection of intricate soluble wax cores. From this product range we can offer general application compound which gives perfect results for most of the applications, specialized blends for small, thin walled cores or for bigger cores which are normally prone to sinking. For the most demanding applications, we developed the WS Plus series, in which we enhanced the mechanical properties with a blend of reinforcing natural based fibers.


  • Easy injection

  • Stable results over a wide parameter range

  • Dimensional stability

  • Decreased dissolution time

  • Environmental friendly composition

Plastowax® R series


Our plastowax R repair wax range is a specialty wax developed for the most general wax pattern problems in mind. From this range of products we offer you solutions for hot and cold applications. Ease of application thanks to the slightly sticky behavior, which keeps this wax in place while not sticking to your tools, fingers. We can offer different hardness for your application, so you don't have to worry about the deformed repairs from handling, or from the shellmaking process. Both water soluble and non-soluble versions are available.


  • Good adhesion

  • Ease of use

  • Hot and cold application

  • Easy to shape


Plastowax® G series


Our adhesive wax is designed for easy operation. The bonding force helps you to keep the parts in place even on small or oversized surfaces, while it helps in creating the perfectly rounded corners. Beside the sticking ability, it offers easy usability. It is less sensitive to the process variations as the temperature, while it allows you to align the glued parts for a few seconds before cooling.


  • Strong bonding

  • Stable results over a high temperature range

  • Ease application

  • Optimal joint geometry

Plastowax® D series


Our Dip seal wax is a perfect addition, when you want to increase the surface quality of your runners or you just want to help with the dewaxing process. As the runner imperfections and the blocking of the melting way are responsible for a high amount of shell related defects, with this product you can lower your rework costs significantly without investing to optimize other processes.


  • Good adhesion to the runner

  • Easy melt out

  • Good surface finish




The WaxToCast 3d printing wax filament, is compatible with the general industrial and desktop FDM printers. We produce it in the most used 1,75, 2,85 mm diameter, with a high dimension stability. This material gives you an advantage in the rapid prototyping process as this material is completely compatible with your existing processes, at a drastically lower cost. You can mix, glue, carve, finish, wash, dewax this product without any additional precautions, which are typical for the other printing methods. Thanks to the years of development, our product offers you an easy printability with the final product comparable to the injected wax patterns.


  • Compatible with most of the FDM 3d printers

  • Easy to print

  • Fits your existing processes

  • Easy post processing

  • Cost effective

Plastowax® C series


This product was developed to help you with your ceramic cores and 3d printed parts. With this product you can fill the pores of the ceramic cores, lowering the chance of a core breakage during injection and dewaxing. This product is also excellent for the finishing of a sintered, or FDM printed pattern. It can increase surface quality, while protecting your prime layer from entering the micro-voids, which are remaining from the printing process. You will experience less spall, foreign material and decreased finishing time for your rapid prototyping parts without changing the final geometry.


  • Decreased scrap, rework

  • Better surface finish

  • Simple application

  • Compatible with the general casting waxes